Data in Context

Putting Data in Context

Context can completely change your perspective on a dataset, and it can help you decide what the numbers represent and how to interpret them...

Accuracy, Speed and Relevancy

Analysis of data in its context is far more accurate and valuable to the business than just statistics. Don’t leave your analytics out of context.

best in class solution to capture context

Business value, Hierarchy of physical parts,
Operation processes, Gaps in how data is entered,
Data unknown manipulations and much more are all creating context. Visual Process turns this knowledge into insights.

Use the expertise of your business and operation teams to improve your data analysis




Collaborate with people in your organizations who know the business, operation and\or data. Their contribution will turn your statistics into action.



Formalize their thoughts in a structured way by managing your tasks and using a proven step-by-step methodology.



Be proud to solve problems for your organization in a manner that will drive action and increase value.

Give answers that mean something, and do it fast!

Our customers understand that the best return on their investment stems from using the asset they already have: knowledge about their operation environment. ROI depends greatly on the problem and the data quality. Below is an example of one of our customer's ROI:

Improving prediction accuracy
Shortening the analysis process
Increasing the rate of converting analysis into action

Visual Process will make your analytics project fly!

Analytics is not just data – it is also the many people in your organization who understand the business problem and the data logic. Visual Process makes the process of incorporating their knowledge simple and effective.

What our customers say:


Visual Process solution has shown an outstanding return on our investment, providing clear evidence that led us to act.

Gas and Oil

Managing the complexity of the problem was a challenge to me. By using Visual Process I managed to put some sense in the data.


The simplicity of the methodology is impressive. The learning curve is fast and the efficiency is raised.  

How to contact us

Our main offices are located at Tirat HaCarmel, Israel.



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