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Visual Process 2.0

Sophisticated Data Dictionary for Big Data

The right data in the right context

More people are analyzing data today. They need to find the right data. Fast.

Easy to use. Easy to update

Make data understanding available for everyone.

Visual Process 2.0

Visual Process 2.0 leverages on domain knowledge that exists in your organization in order to rapidly build a complete sophisticated data dictionary that puts the data in the right context.

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Why Big Data is Different

Big Data changes the way people are using data in your organization. More people are analyzing data.They cannot afford wasting time on finding the right data and understanding its context.

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Start Small!

Create a data dictionary for the project you are working on now, using Visual Process 2.0 Personal license. Check the benefits yourself. It is free!                                                                        

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Ontology and Methodology

Ontology "formally represents knowledge as a hierarchy of concepts within a domain, using a shared vocabulary". Ontology helps us describe the data. Methodology is the structured way to capture the Ontology.


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More than Just Data Dictionary

By keeping a clear structured graph underneath the surface, Visual Process 2.0 enrich your data with more insights such as domain based classification and structures.


Big Data is not necessarily the Right Data

Using massive amount of data may improve the statistical correlation, but send you way off from the insights the organization needs. Big is not always Better. Visual Process 2.0 helps you select the right data to use in your analysis so that the results will have business validation and value.         



Give answers that mean something, and do it fast!

Our customers understand that the best return on their investment stems from using the asset they already have: knowledge about their operation environment. ROI depends greatly on the problem and the data quality. Below is an example of one of our customer's ROI:

Improving prediction accuracy
Shortening the analysis process
Increasing the rate of converting analysis into action

What our customers say:


Visual Process solution has shown an outstanding return on our investment, providing clear evidence that led us to act.

Gas and Oil

Managing the complexity of the problem was a challenge to me. By using Visual Process I managed to put some sense in the data.


The simplicity of the methodology is impressive. The learning curve is fast and the efficiency is raised.  

How to contact us

Our main offices are located at Tirat HaCarmel, Israel.



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